Founded in mid 2005  by mr F. Camarca. is a swiss registered company (CH-514.1.029.348-7)

Mr. Camarca has a long experience in the financial markets, beginning back in 1985 when
he left the high school to start working for a bank in Lugano.
Mr. Camarca collected different experiences but his main focus has always been the financial markets;
he was already a trader during the 1987 crash; between 1989 and 1991 he was lucky to work
with Mr Gregorini, an old style portfolio manager (chf 300mio under management) who teached him the
art of investing and the secrets of the financial markets.
Since then he never stopped to trade and/or at least to follow the financial markets. And to learn from them...

In early 2000 mr Camarca started to concentrate on forex market and, from 2004, he acts as an independent fxtrader.
He chose to start with forex because spread offered have been really low also for private investors and also because
he realized that forex was the best market for short term trading.

During these years, he has developed a forex trading system based on japanese candles charts, moving averages
and on personal proprietary indicators developed during his 20 years of market experience and observations.

In 2005 Fxtrader has been founded and its presence on the web is dated back in 2007. Since then
Fxtrader is also a contributor on various forex forums and thanks to its good advice it has gained the respect of
other successful traders and market operators with whom now it has a constant contact.

brief history of and his founder franco camarca
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