- Investment advice
  Currencies, stock markets, commodities, certificates, properties

- Forex trading
  Technical and fundamental analysis, strategies, hedging, liquidity management

(Offered directly or through partners)
- Incorporation, domiciliation and administration of companies
- Support to relocate in Switzerland
- Bookkeeping and tax declaration for swiss entities
- Private placements and structured products
- Holiday rentals and guided tours in Switzerland and Italy
- Fashion brands and healthy/raw food

main services are investment and FOREX trading advice.
our analisys and strategies are developped by Franco Camarca, with a long experience in FOREX trading,
we also offer other top services like incorporation and administration of companies in switzerland, support to relocate in switzerland, private placements and structured products, properties administration, main focus is FOREX  and FOREX trading, eurusd, usdchf, eur, usd, eurchf, eurgbp, eurusd, FOREX, fxtrader,, forex trader,
Franco Camarca is a independent FOREX trader, living in Cimadera near Lugano, Switzerland. Franco Camarca